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Superfast Fibre

Fibre optic internet is the fastest in broadband technology, offering super fast speeds and reliability. If your business needs high speed internet, fibre is the way to go.

Fibre internet sends data as light. Fibre cables are made of glass and can transmit data using light pulses, meaning much more information is transmitted at much higher speeds.

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Leased Line Fibre Optics / Point-to-Point Connections:

A Fibre leased internet line is a premium internet connectivity product that provides uncontended and symmetrical speeds.It is also known as a dedicated line, data circuit, private line or point-to-point connection.

A low contention ratio on a line means better performance. The lower the contention the fewer people you share your bandwidth with. An uncontended network means you don’t have to share your bandwidth on the way to the exchange, which means a fixed performance rate at all times.

It is also high security since you have a dedicated line. Performance is also amazing, which makes it perfect for anything you might want to do online, from conference calls to working with large portions of data.

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1Portal - Customer Management Portal

We know it’s not enough to simply provide a solution. You need to be able to monitor your customers’ connectivity and make adjustments on the fly, as challenges arise and requirements change. Our award-winning portal is built to make life easy for you and open possibilities for your customers.

Fully integrated into our core network and our partners systems, 1Portal provides you with a seamless, automated experience. We put the control of all of our products directly in your hands; meaning you can add to, move, or modify your customers’ solutions—all in real-time.

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Wireless Solutions

Wireless Internet where the web follows you.

  • Superior voice and data Internet services to fit your individual lifestyle or business.
  • Alternative to fixed line to bonded ADSL services
  • Lowest contention rates of 10:1 on a business carrier network, which is protected from peer to peer users
  • Select between 5 mbps, 10 mbps and 20 mbps, 30 mbps or 40mbps
  • Choose between bandwidth on demand or completely uncapped services

Wireless Radiolinks

Popular in suburban and rural areas, the Wireless Internet Service Provider, WISP, uses a small radio dish on the user’s location to manage an Internet signal from a radio link station. Its main downfall is instability in poor weather conditions which has dramatically improved over the last few years. This type of installation is generally inexpensive and available at most areas where other high-speed internet connections are not yet available.